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Count on Canada Smart Plan to Deliver the Optimal, Health and Dental Plan That Saves Money for the Canadian Small Business Owner or Self Employed Professional…

  • Pay no health insurance premiums EVER – Just receive money saving benefits
  • 2 Minute sign up process
  • Claim 100% of virtually EVERY imaginable health expense
  • EVEN more cost effective than than having an insured health benefit plan or “no plan”
  • Fast 2 day turn around with paper-free, easy, online health expense claims
  • Submit claims instantly from anywhere with our APP for iPhone & Android
  • 24/7/365 LIVE support for our clients – when ever you are actually making health expense claims.
  • More than just a smart health benefit plan with excellent benefits, Canada Smart Plan is focused on ensuring you receive outstanding service and support. We want you to be happy with your health benefit plan and our company.

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