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Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

eligibileThe health expenses that are eligible to be claimed through the Canada Smart Plan HSA are far more extensive and inclusive than most insured health benefit plans. Below is an extensive list of eligible and ineligible expenses, however, for a complete list, please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Though these are eligible through this plan, the employer can customize their company plan to limit certain expenses. What is available to the employee will be demonstrated in the employees online account.

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Direct Deposit of Your Claims Reimbursements

With Canada Smart Plan, we save you the time and effort of filling out paper forms, attaching receipts, mailing, and waiting for a cheque in the mail. Instead, all claims are made online through the member’s personal online account. Once submitted our professional claims adjudicators verify eligibility. When a claim is approved it is reimbursed by direct deposit to the employee’s bank account. Reimbursements are run and processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week (Civic holidays excluded). This banking information is entered by the employee in the “Account Setup” tab of the account.
  1. Click “Account setup” direct-deposit1
  2. This screen allows you to change password or update banking info direct-deposit2
  3. Use this cheque image as a reference for entering the numbers properly  cheque-banking-details-description

Online Claims

Easy, Instant Online Claims: How do I make a claim online?

Canada Smart Plan provides the ultimate in convenience with our exclusive online claiming. The process and interface is the fastest and most secure way to make your health and dental claim, to be reimbursed quickly. Make all of your claims online in a few minutes. No trips to the post office. No photocopying receipts. No wait time. No hassle. Only a few clicks of your mouse and… Voila! You’ve made a claim! Not only are your claims submitted online bit the whole process is a complete service. Submit your claim, track your claim, and collect your reimbursement digitally with this new exclusive service. Employers use internet banking from their business account to fund claims and we will directly reimburse employees personal bank account. All of these benefits for the same flat rate administration fee of 10%. Online Claims offers electronic record keeping for all of your claim activity and effectively reduces our footprint on the environment. Think of Online Claims as a step forward in green space. MY Online Claim: Convenient. Fast. Secure. And best of all – No Additional Cost.  
  1. Login to your employee dashboard choose “Add new claim” online claims5
  2. Then choose your expense item. For example prescription would be under medicine. online claims2
  3. Then choose your sub item. Prescription would be selected.  If you are not sure what expense item to choose, use the click to chat. online claims3
  4. Enter the FULL cost to you (include tax) for the service. If expense item has a gratuity do not include this, as this is not eligible.
  5. Enter the service date that will be found on the receipt.
  6. Upload a copy of receipt. This can be a PDF, JPEG, PNG. (You can take a picture with your smart phone, scan, etc., and save to your claims file on your computer.) It will preview for you so you can make sure it is legible. If not legible it will be denied and have to be re-entered by claims4
  7. Add a note or comments if necessary
  8. Click “submit”. Claims get approved every Tues and Thurs. Employees reimbursements are deposited directly to the bank account you’ve entered on the system.
  9. You can check your status of your claim in the view all claims section. online claims5

Account Management

user Easy User Account Management Getting set up is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.
Account Administrators have access to the “controls” of the plan:
  • Manage benefit level categories
  • Add/Remove Employees
  • Manage company banking information: All claims are entered, processed and funded through the online client portal
  • Track plan usage
Click here to download Plan Administrator Process
Employees Access Details:
  • Follow this tutorial for easy plan set up
  • Add remove dependents
  • Change contact information, address, phone, email
  • Manage your banking information for direct deposit of claims reimbursements
  • Upload claims online for reimbursement
Click here to download Employee Process
Dual Role Access:
If you are the plan administrator and also registered to receive benefits you will have access to both portals; Administrator and Employee. This would also be the case if you are the business owner and the only person on the plan. By registering with the same email address for login, you will be able to switch between accounts.
When logging into the account you will be given the choice of which area you want to access:

Once in your account in the upper right you’ll see the “Choose Action” option which will allow you to switch users:


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