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How To Save Your Patients 50% On Your Chiropractic Care

Show your patients how they can save on health expenses without ever reducing your prices

save on health expenses

I have always been a fan of Chiropractic care and used to just book an appointment when I had a “kink” or pain that needed resolving.  Recently I was having more pain and discomfort than was normal for me and decided it was time to get serious about really correcting my spinal issues instead of just getting temporary relief.  That meant committing to a long term treatment plan – and the financial investment that accompanied it.

Being self employed, like my clients, my health care expense is primarily out of my own pocket event though my husband’s employer provides him an insured benefit plan to cover some of it.


This video demonstrates how Chiropractors can show their patients how THEY can save 50% or more on the cost of Chiropractic treatments – and it doesn’t involve the Chiropractor reducing their prices.  It involves registering for the free HSA (Health Spending Account) for their business.

When Your Patients Save On Health Expenses Is a Big Win For Both Of You

By informing patients (who are self employed or business owners in Canada) about this free health and dental plan, the benefit is 2-fold:

  1. The chiropractor will help make their care more affordable (without having to reduce their prices) thus getting patients who will embrace a long term care plan
  2. The patient will potentially experience more significant improvement in their health through a thorough Chiropractic treatment plan and save 50% or more of the cost of that care! They get the care they need and save on health expenses!

The patient simply registers a free Health Spending Account (HSA) here at Canada Smart Plan, for their business, (whether incorporated or not).  They they can claim all their personal health expenses through this plan which effectively transfers the expense from a personal one, to a business one.  The business claims the business expense and the business owner (employee) gets reimbursed through their business tax free.  At a minimum tax bracket of 33% the business owner will save 50% of the cost of the health expense, in taxes they now don’t have to pay on personal earnings used to pay health expenses.

The savings on their health expenses, are real dollars they would otherwise be paying in taxes (by default) by not having this plan in place.  A Canada Smart Plan HSA is simply smart financial planning.

Canadian business owners and self employed professionals will save on health expenses by registering for Canada Smart Plan by clicking HERE.  There is no cost to set this plan up and typically will save our clients 50% or more on health expenses through tax savings made possible by this plan. (re:  CRA – IT339R2)

A Good Night’s Sleep Is Natures Best Medicine | How Melatonin Can Help


Sleep issues affect 25 % of adults and are due, in large part to stress and unhealthy lifestyle, followed by workload, frequent traveling and physical ailments.

Often we just brush it off as par for the course, however did you know that sleeping simply one hour less a night (seven vs 8 hours) reduces the production of melatonin(our rest hormone) and increases the production of cortisol (our stress hormone). Increased cortisol further inhibits melatonin production, hindering our efforts for the next night’s sleep.


This video is public. Sleep Help | Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Here’s how melatonin helps us doze:

In the evening, when light levels drop, the hormone is released from our pineal gland to cause slumber. In the morning, light inhibits the release of melatonin and the body wakes up. However as we age, our melatonin production reduces, creating even more problems falling and remaining asleep.

Studies show that melatonin supplementation can help support healthy night patterns by lowering sleep latency (time needed to go to sleep) and enhancing the quality and amount of sleep, regardless of the reason for sleeplessness and without negative side effects. Most importantly, once we have actually slept, melatonin is responsible for pushing our brain into delta wave sleep, the deep kind of snoozing that revitalizes and heals our body.

However the benefits of melatonin don’t end there. The hormone is a powerful antioxidant that crosses the blood-brain barrier, protecting the brain from aging, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke.

Furthermore, Melatonin has numerous cancer fighting abilities. It increases apoptosis (self destruction of abnormal cells), prevents replication of cancerous cells and interferes with oestrogen binding to cancerous cells.

Melatonin is safe and reliable for anyone over the age of four in proper doses, with no reported addictive qualities. It is a natural and required part for the body, whose manufacturing is prevented by numerous 21st century factors, such as stress, pollution and artificial lighting in homes at night, making supplementation important for our rest and our health.

With regard to interactions, our natural melatonin production is interfered with by many pharmaceutical sleeping pills, antihistamines, beta-blockers, ASA and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and enhanced by natural or pharmaceutical antidepressants. Supplements can often cause vivid dreams in those with high cortisol levels, in which case reducing the dose to 1mg from the usual 3 mg is suggested before slowly increasing to 3 mg.

You can buy Melatonin without prescription at most drug stores or health food stores, and it’s inexpensive.

In such a fast-paced society, good quality delta wave rest has never been more vital to the help the body to heal and maintain our health. Good sleep is nature’s best medicine and the one thing we just can compromise on.

Sweet dreams.


Poor sleep undermines your health.  Poor health undermines your sleep.  As a business owner or self employed professional both have a negative impact on your productivity and quality of life. 

Rest better knowing that 100% of health expenses can be claimed through Canada Smart Plan. We’ll help save you 30-40% or more on all out of pocket health expenses without paying insurance premiums.  The Canadian government makes available this  unique and free health benefit plan that is free to set up through Canada Smart Plan.

Get registered today!