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About Us

team-imageSince 1998 the team at Canada Smart Plan has provided Canadian business owners with the most cost effective, flexible, inclusive and convenient health benefit plan known as a “Health Spending Account” (HSA), also known as “Private Health Services Plan” (PHSP).

We provide the professional set up, support and administration of Canada Smart Plan to businesses in all eligible Canadian Provinces, coast-to-coast. (*Quebec businesses are ineligible.)

Our motivated and well trained, LIVE, 24/7/365 client service staff provide timely and reliable support to our clients to help ensure the ultimate in savings and convenience, with your claims and account management.

Our advisory team of legal and tax professionals ensure compliance with federal tax legislation as it applies to our plan and our clients.

We support a nation wide network of registered, independent affiliates and agents.

About The Plan

  1. A benefit plan that SAVES you money rather than COSTING you money. (No Premiums. Just Benefits.)
  2. An easy and convenient claiming process; INSTANT, online claiming with rapid turnaround of claims reimbursement, through our “Cloud Based” technology.
  3. LIVE customer support 24/7/365: Health expense claiming and account management doesn’t just happen 9-5 on weekdays. When you’ve got a question, our LIVE support is available to help.

**Other plan administrators require, mailed in claims & receipts, long waits for reimbursement and limited client support. (their local business hours) One thing is for sure; When it’s easy and convenient to use, you’ll use it. When you use it you save money!

Canada Smart Plan is head and shoulders above others with ease, convenience and support!

Why Become a Canada Smart Plan Member?

  1. No Insurance Premiums. Just Benefits.
  2. Available to all types of Canadian Businesses: Claim 100% of almost all your health expenses (Proprietorships Corporations, Businesses with to any number of employees (from one business owner to 1000+ employees)
  3. Save an average of 30-40% over (a) traditional group plans or (b) paying personally.
  4. No pre-existing condition limitations
  5. No age restrictions
  6. No paper claims to submit (And if that’s your preference we have the option)
  7. No “Refund cheques’ in the mail…”All reimbursements are deposited directly to your account.
  8. Enjoy the convenience of instant online and mobile claims
  9. Rapid claims reimbursement: Usually in 48 hours or less
  10. No pre-funding of employer accounts required.
  11. You control account changes. Administrators add or remove employees, update plan information instantly, online – no filling forms or waiting on outside plan admin to do the task.
  12. Employees control their own account information instantly, online. Employee benefit available amount instantly updated as benefit amounts claimed, Real time reporting on account activity.
  13. Proprietors can claim back to January 1 st of the current year (unless your business began after that)
  14. Incorporated business owners can claim expenses back to your previous corporate year end .
  15. Client Support Options – we have you covered. If you or employees have a question send them to our website: Each receipt of each claim professionally adjudicated and verified for eligibility per CRA rules before approval for reimbursement
  • 24/7/365 LIVE online support in members area
  • Extensive access to Q & A’s, Video Tutorials and ongoing Webinars related to the all aspects of the plan. You’ve got a question? We’ve got an answer!
  • Toll Free Support Line: 1-866-996-1919
  • Submit online contact form
  • Go to our support page

FREE To Set Up. (Others charge up to $400)

  1. No “per employee” set up fee.
  2. No annual fees
  3. No maintenance fees
  4. 10% administration fee – paid only at the time of the claim.

Get started – our simple registration form can have you registered 60 seconds from now!

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