Account Management


Easy User Account Management Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Account Administrators have access to the “controls” of the plan:

  • Manage benefit level categories
  • Add/Remove Employees
  • Manage company banking information: All claims are entered, processed and funded through the online client portal
  • Track plan usage

Click here to download Plan Administrator Process (pdf)

Employees Access Details:

  • Follow this tutorial for easy plan set up
  • Add remove dependents
  • Change contact information, address, phone, email
  • Manage your banking information for direct deposit of claims reimbursements
  • Upload claims online for reimbursement

Click here to download Employee Process (pdf)

Dual Role Access: Are you both an Administrator and Employee?

If you are the company administrator and also registered as an “employee” to receive benefits, you will have access to both portals; Administrator and Employee. This would also be the case if you are the business owner and the only person on the plan. By registering with the same email address for login, you will be able to switch between accounts.

When logging into the account you will be given the choice of which account you want to access:


1. In the “Employee” account, you will be able to make and track claims, manage your dependents, update your banking information for claims reimbursements.

2. In the “Company Admin” account, you will be able to add & remove employees, change Company banking information (the company funding source for claims reimbursement.)

Once in your account in the upper right you’ll see the “Choose Action” option which will allow you to switch users: