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You have several choices for PHSP/HSA Administrators in Canada.  Check out the chart below and see why we think Canada Smart Plan is your smarter choice!

Plan Provider Name Admin Fee Set Up Fee Other Fees Online Claims Online Plan Changes Claims Turn Around Time   Support Hours
CSP-cloud thumbnail 100x100 10% FREE  NONE YES &With Mobile APP   YES 1-2 DaysDirect Debit & Deposit  


Winflex Health Solutions 10% $250.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Pacific First 15% $200.00 $2.00/mo NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Olympia Benefits 10% $335.00 $40.00/ee PARTIAL NO 4 days – 3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email/Chat
Custom Care 10% $295.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Cost Efficient Benefit Plan 5%-8% $150.00 $50.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
MedicalTAX Inc 8% $190.00 $99.00/yr NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Imax Financial Services 10% $0.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Hub Financia 10% $250.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
McGill Financial 10% $125.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
DHC Administrators 10% $149.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Beaton Insurance 10% $200.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
The Health Plan 10% $200.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Shield Medical Inc. 10% $239.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Medi Direct 10% $250.00 $25.00/ee NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Serre Financial Services 10% $250.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email
Brock Health Administration 5% $100.00 $0.00 NO NO 2-3 Weeks 9-5/M-F Phone/email

  The Goal is 30-40% Savings on Health Expenses, Without Paying Insurance Premiums:


Federal Tax Legislation makes this plan possible to the Canadian small business owner, and self employed professional, and significant savings of up to $600 per $1000 in health expense can be realized by claiming you and your family’s health expenses through this plan.  But the CATCH is in actually making the claims. In our many years of experience of providing the Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) or Health Spending Account (HSA) the 2 “BARRIERS” to success are:
  1. EASE OF USE :  For most business owners, you have your hands full, running your business, and adding one more task to your life (submitting claims) can be difficult to fit in.  (a.) You have to collect all your health receipts (b.) You schedule time to prepare the claim (c.) You have to find your claim form  (d) Fill out the claim form  (e.) Mail the claim along with original receipts, and a cheque for funding.  (d.) Wait for the reimbursement cheque in the mail.
  2. TURN-AROUND TIME :  Business cash flow is an important consideration.  Submitting a claim means funding it (sending a cheque) then waiting 2-3 weeks for the reimbursed funds to return in the mail.  Waiting 2 – 3 weeks or longer for the funds to be reimbursed may not be an option.  And if any part of the claim is rejected, there can be an additional 2-3 week wait time to correct the error.    This uncertainty prevents many from claiming.
** If you need assistance or have questions about a claim, many administrators keep you waiting 24-48 hours or more for a reply.

Up to 30% or more of all business owners who register for the plan, never make a claim.

Here’s How Canada Smart Plan is Different

INSTANT ONLINE CLAIMS:  With Canada Smart Plan, submitting receipts in the mail is a thing of the past.  All claims are submitted directly online. It’s “Point-and-click “ EASY!  You keep your original receipts, submit a digital version through the easy online interface, and you’re done! **MOBILE CLAIMING:   Imagine this:  You have just had dental work done and paid for services.  The receptionist hands you the receipt.  You pull out your SMART PHONE, open the mobile claims portal and instantly make the claim BEFORE you even leave the dental office!  How’s that for efficient? **SUPPORT:  Canada Smart Plan provides 24/7/365 LIVE SUPPORT.  If you are making a claim at 2am Christmas morning and have a question, our live client support is there to help, so you get it done!  We work on YOUR schedule, not the other way around! With Canada Smart Plan, turn-around time is 2-4 DAYS!  Everything is transacted through your online account.  No cheque to send in the mail.  Only APPROVED claims are funded.  The funds reimbursed to your PERSONAL ACCOUNT in 2-4 days.