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welcom_main1Once we have received your Canada Smart Plan enrollment form, our IT department will get busy setting up your online account. You will receive an email with your account login details and will be able to access your account . You can click on the image below to login to your account!


Your user name is always the email address you registered with, and a temporary password is generated by our system, which you change once you login. Initial plan set up is completed within 24-48 hours, Monday – Friday.

There are a couple of EASY steps you will need to complete first, in order to make your plan ready for adding claims, and to start saving 30-40% on health expenses.

Review the tutorials below to make the most of your Canada Smart Plan!

Getting Started Instructions & Resources:

When a new plan is created the employer will choose someone responsible for plan administration. It could be the business owner, or staff member. There will be 2 separate login areas.

    1. Plan Administration Panel : The employer (the business) is providing benefits to the employees (including owners). The Administrative panel allows the Administrator (Owner or appointed administrator) to manage the company’s banking information, add and remove employees, etc.
    2. Administrators Handbook: Download and keep for your easy reference.


  1. Employee Panel: Each employee added to the plan (including the owners) is issued a separate login to their employee health plan account. It is from this account that they can add/update family members information, add banking information to receive direct reimbursements of claimed expenses, and submit claims directly online. The Canada Smart Plan system is paperless. Everything is claimed, verified, and reimbursed directly online.
  2. Employee Handbook: Download and distribute the Employee’s Handbook to all your employees:


FREE BONUS: Our “Done-For-You Claims Service”

If you find yourself with a large amount of claims and no time to submit them, then you need our “Done For You Claims Service” . Learn More HERE!

You can also download the form below:DFY-Form-3D-thumbnail-2


Setting up plan, adding admin info, banking info, adding & removing employees, etc.

FORM: Adding_New_Employee_Classification

FORM: New_Employees_Listing & Information

divider-lineEmployee: setting up dependents, banking, making claims, etc.

Cheque Image

cheque-banking-detailsDownload The Employees Handbook HERE

divider-lineMobile Claims

The APP for iPhone & iPad is available for Download. Check HERE for details .

Other Smart Devices can still access mobile claiming by logging into their account by phone.

divider-lineChanges in your business

FORM: Adding_New_Employee_Classification

FORM: New_Employees_Listing & Information

divider-lineWhat To Do At Tax Time: This is how you SAVE 30-40%

The whole purpose of setting up your “Canada Smart Plan” is to save 30-40% on your health expenses without paying insurance premiums. You will make claims throughout they year through our system. It is at tax time where you realize your 30-40% savings. This video details what you MUST do in order for that to happen. We are committed to putting those dollars back in YOUR pocket!

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  • Employee access. Administration access.
  • Make and track claims.
  • Manage your account.
  • Get reports.