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Canada Smart Plan can save you 30-40% on health expenses, without paying insurance premiums!

Check Out Clients Have To Say:


REALTOR: “My appearance is very important as a Realtor. I needed major dental work done – braces, bridges, extractions… the total estimate was over $25,000 and the work took 2 years. I claimed it through the plan and I saved over $12,000. That’s real dollars in MY pocket!” – Sylvia –

LAWYER: “Our 3 year old daughter has special needs not covered by MSP. With that and our own expenses our health expenses were spent around $5,000 over MSP. We claimed it all and saved saved us over $2000 in taxes. We would have just paid those dollars to the tax man without this plan.”
– Robert –

ENGINEER: “We’ had been trying to have children for several years and finally decided to go for fertility treatments. Yes, they were very expensive but we have our beautiful daughter as a result. We claimed all those expenses and saved thousands! No insurance plan would have paid these expenses and I’m so glad we had this one.” – Angela –

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: “We’ve had this plan for 4 years now. We’re a family of 4 with no big expenses, just the regular stuff – dental checkups, eye exams, occasional chiropractor, massage, occasional prescription – my wife and I both wear glasses/contacts. But it all adds up. Last year we spent about $3000 and this plan saved us over $1200. That’s worth it to me!” – George –


What About You?

Health expenses are just a part of living. For some the expenses are for basic health maintenance, while others experience major health issues that are expensive to treat. And the fact is, sometimes BIG expenses come up without warning.

Whatever your situation, having this plan in place ready for whatever come up, is just smart planning and can save you many thousands of dollars. Wouldn’t you rather keep those dollars than give them away? With this plan, you can.