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Whether you have just registered with Canada Smart Plan or you have been with us a while, you may have a PILE of outstanding claims and need a little assistance getting started or getting caught up.

We’re here to help!

I’m going to level with you about 2 very important facts:

  1. The only way YOU save money with Canada Smart Plan is by making claims. If you never get around to doing it, you don’t benefit.
  2. The only way WE make money is through our [industry standard] 10% administration fee charged on approved claims. (There! I said it!)

Unlike our competitors, we DON’T charge a set up fee.

Our philosophy is this: We only want to be paid when YOU actually receive VALUE! And that only happens when you make claims. If your business is a proprietorship or a one person corporation, you’ll save 3-4 times the cost of our administration fee, which is a great deal for you! But… If you never make a claim, we both lose!

EG: If you are in a 34% tax bracket save about $558 on $1000 worth of health expenses you claim through our service. Our admin fee is just 10% or $100 on top of your $1000 claim, to accomplish that! $100 to get $558.

What’s the solution? Our Free “Done For You Claims Service”.

If you have $500 or more in outstanding claims to be submitted (our one small requirement) and want us to submit them for you, simply do the following:

  1. Download, complete and submit this “DONE FOR YOU CLAIMS SERVICE” form. We require a void copy of both your Business Bank Cheque and Personal Bank Cheque to ensure your account is properly set up.
  2. Make a copy of the claims you wish to submit. You can do several on a single page if they are all legible, indicating the following:
  • Patient’s name (they must be listed in your account)
  • Practitioners Name & Designation
  • Service provided
  • Date of Service
  • Cost of Service
  • Zero Balance Owning

3. Scan/email or fax your form and copy of claims to or fax to 1-604-357-1141 and we will upload and submit them for you.

Download This Form & Send Us Your Claims


Questions? 1-866-996-1919