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Now you can DOWNLOAD THE APP for your iPhone or iPad or Android and make claims from anywhere. It’s called myHSA (for My Health Spending Account)!

The-App-thought-bubble2-300x247Imagine this: You’re at your dentist’s office, have just paid for services and the receptionist hands you the receipt.

  1. You pull out your smart phone
  2. tap the App
  3. enter quick expense info
  4. snap a picture of the receipt
  5. click “send”. YOU’RE DONE!

No more filling out paperwork and waiting weeks for your reimbursement! (That never happens at Canada Smart Plan, but if you’re using another Administrator, that is the typical experience.)

Of course, with Canada Smart Plan you’ve always been able to make virtual claims at our website. If you DON’T have an iPhone or iPad or Android you still CAN submit claims from your smart phone by going online and logging in just like you would on a computer.

We will soon have the app available for Blackberry… stay tuned!

How To Get Our App: It’s easy!



  1. Simply tap on the Apple App Store icon from your iPhone or iPad (or both).
  2. Search for the app named myHSA
  3. Download it for free
  4. Login and start making claims





android_icon-150x150Simply go to the Google App Store from your device and download





Have a Look:

myHSA-itunesHere’s what the myHSA app looks like.

Download onto your iPhone and iPad or Android device and enjoy the convenience!