Top 6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Surgery Abroad – Plus 1 more!

Top 6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Surgery Abroad – Plus 1 more!

medical-tourism-questionsSurgery is a big step…

Getting on a plane and flying 16 hours to the other side of the planet for surgery is a really big step.

Are you ready?

Ask yourself:


  1. Can I afford this? Chances are if you are having surgery overseas than you are getting it at a great discount. While your Provincial health coverage will cover the cost of required procedures, the waits can be long and it’s possible that what you WANT done ISN’T covered. The cost of extended health insurance is increasing while its overage, deductibles and co-pays are decreasing. Keep in mind that medical tourism involves paying cash out-of-pocket, usually a percentage up front, when an appointment is scheduled and the remainder shortly before surgery.
  2. Is this healthy? Medical procedures overseas often involve either procedures or medicines that have not yet been approved in Canada. Research well online and make educated decisions about your care. Just because something is not yet acceptable in Canada does not mean that it is in any way an inferior product. In fact, the Canadian drug approval process is notoriously slow to approve things.
  3. Am I having this surgery for me? Cosmetic surgeries and dental procedures beg the question, “Are you having this procedure to make yourself happy?” You should never alter your physical appearance to please someone else. If you are self-conscious about your teeth or really want to get rid of some excess fat around your mid-section then, by all means, jump on the medical tourism bandwagon.
  4. Is this a safe procedure? Online research is really an amazing tool when you need answers to your questions. Learn as much as you can about your procedure, the risks and the rewards. Investigate your hospital, doctor and post-operative care center. Ask your medical tourism travel agency if they have any additional materials to give you to increase your understanding. Chances are you are not the first person to ask these questions and they are prepared.
  5. Am I comfortable with the risks? There are inherent risks with any surgery. In fact, even Canadian hospitals make you sign a waiver that you know there are risks. Medical tourism has added factors involved. Make sure you know all the risks and are comfortable with them.
  6. Will I be happy with the results? You should know, in advance, that no plastic surgeon can make you look like J Lo or Britney Spears. No cosmetic dentistry specialist can give you Julia Roberts smile. Be honest with yourself and your doctor or dentist about the results you expect before m0oving forward. If you are still happy with your answer, then go buy your plane ticket.

One More Question:

Can you save an additional 30-40% on Is the procedure you are having done outside Canada by claiming it through your Canada Smart Plan?

If you are traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery here’s the deal. A few years ago cosmetic surgery was EXCLUDED from the CRA’s approved list of expenses. The only exception now, is if the procedure is medically required.

Many Canadians travel to other countries to have major dental work done. Most of this can be claimed through Canada Smart Plan.

Most other non-cosmetic surgeries and treatments can be claimed. Check the list to be sure. Though this list is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive. If you don’t see your procedure on the list contact us and we’ll find out for you!

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