What To Do At Taxtime With Your HSA?

What To Do At Taxtime With Your HSA?

All health expenses claimed through your Canada Smart Plan health spending account (HSA) are deductible against your business income. The reimbursed expenses are tax free for the claimant.

Tax Time Instructions For Your HSA

HSA Claims Report

At tax time, you simply login to your Canada Smart Plan ADMINISTRATION account and generate the HSA claim report in PDF format to give to your accountant.


Follow These Easy Steps

  1. Choose your tax year.
  2. Select “Benefit Year”
  3. Click on “HSA Claim Report” and your PDF health spending account report will be generated.
  4. Provide this report to your tax specialist.

The reimbursements you’ve received personally, for submitted health expenses are tax free and not declared as part of your personal income.

That’s it! Now that was easy tax preparation!